Success Story: Environmental Learning Journey


In a recent collaboration, two of our grantee partners, DREAM Alive and Felege Hiywot Center, joined forces to create an environmental learning journey for their scholars. Amidst the backdrop of nature’s classroom, youth were educated on the complexities of agriculture, exploring its profound impact on our planet.

Against the backdrop of fertile soil and rustling leaves, scholars delved into the art and science of sustainable practices. With hands-on guidance, they discovered the transformative power of composting, unlocking the alchemy of turning waste into nutrient-rich soil.

Through this immersive experience, scholars acquired practical skills in veggie gardening and a deeper understanding of their role as caretakers of the Earth. Armed with newfound knowledge, they departed with a treasure trove of insights, from the nuances of composting to a curated list of plants thriving in the Indianapolis climate.

Seeing the collaborative spirit of our grantee partners fills us with joy and pride.

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