Each year, we invite organizations to apply for funding that address education, youth development, and youth employment and career pathways.

Investment Areas


Frequently Asked Questions

While ADFF is a private foundation that accepts applications on an invitation-only basis, we are open to meeting with any organization, within our geographic areas of interest, that is interested in exploring alignment. As a courtesy, we request that you view our priorities prior to reaching out. Once you have done so, please email Drew Black at andrew@arthurdeanfoundation.org to set up a conversation.

No, there is no advantage to applying to one grant round or the other. The Foundation will manage grantmaking resources to ensure that both the Spring and Fall Grant Rounds remain balanced and are as adequately resourced as possible. However, an organization should apply based on their best interests when factoring in their project and/or operational timelines, need for resources, and/or their level of urgency.

Arthur Dean Family Foundation’s reporting requirements are non-traditional, as we trade paperwork for time with our grantee-partners at both the halfway point and the end of a grant term. At these points we will host an organized yet casual conversation to discuss grantee partner progress.

Once an application is submitted, ADFF staff will be in touch within 10 business days to set up a meeting to discuss your proposal. From that point, ADFF staff will be in frequent communication about an application until it receives Board consideration and a final determination, typically no more than 8 weeks from when it was filed. Additionally, any applicant should feel comfortable reaching out to ADFF staff at any time to request an update on their current proposal.