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Community Foundation of Whitley County (CFWC)


To inspire philanthropy, enrich community, and serve donors by creating an enduring source of charitable assets.


CFWC is a public charity which exists to connect donors to projects that enhance Whitley County. As a Community Foundation, CFWC has the ability to pivot and address needs as they arise. A great example is their response to the COVID Pandemic. In mid-March of 2020, CFWC was able to offer $100,000 in rapid response grant making to the nonprofit organizations in Whitley County experiencing emergency needs such as food supplies or access to PPE. CFWC’s traditional grantmaking funds projects and programs in Education, Health & Human Services, Recreation, Community Development and the Arts. CFWC runs several fund-related programs but one of their most prized efforts is their youth philanthropy program, ‘HANDS’, which has been in place for 22 years and offers students the opportunity to learn leadership and grantmaking skills. Most recently, CFWC’s work has been leadership-centered and worked to collaborate with government agencies, elected officials, and non-profits to address several issues challenging the Whitley County community. The Next Level Whitley County project seeks to address trauma in youth, mental health barriers impacting families, and workforce and vocational opportunities for justice-involved citizens – providing meaningful solutions for one of the state’s highest recidivism rates. Over the past three years this work has led to the establishment of the Whitko Career Academy, jumpstarted community centers in the most troubled areas of Whitley County and secured funding to purchase three multi-unit buildings for transitional housing as individuals seek to re-enter society after homelessness or incarceration. In 2020, CFWC awarded about $300,000 in unrestricted grants and when scholarships and restricted gifts were added, our grants totaled almost $1.6 million dollars.

Previous Arthur Dean Family Foundation Funding
  • 2021: Core Operations/Unrestricted Funding
  • 2020: Capital Support, ‘HANDS’ Youth Philanthropy Program