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To provide the youth with the tools and education necessary to succeed. TROY would like to see all of the youth in the community receive an education.


TROY School is an accredited independent alternative school helping students gain an education and earn a diploma at their own pace. They believe that regardless of past behavior or current circumstances, everyone deserves the opportunity for an education. Students come to TROY for a variety of reasons but all students find themselves there because they have not been successful in a traditional school environment. What TROY offers students are small class sizes (typically a student to teacher ratio of 7:1), more 1:1 attention, a strong focus on building relationships between staff and students, on-site mental health counseling, a focus on trauma-informed care throughout all classrooms, and working individually with students to help them not only meet their academic needs but also challenges they may be facing in life outside of our building.

Arthur Dean Family Foundation Funding
  • 2023: Core Operating/Unrestricted Funding
  • 2022: Core Operating/Unrestricted Funding
  • 2021: Mental Health Counseling & Case Management Services Support
  • 2020: Mental Health Counseling Support