All Things in Flow


I recently participated in a webinar focused on trust-based philanthropy. One of the panelists shared that her board chair often says, “all things are in flow”, a statement that truly resonated with me. Change is always in our midst, but this notion focuses on the constant opportunity to move with the current stream of opportunities. Thinking about “all things in flow” encourages continuous learning and growth. My professional journey has always supported my passion for learning and development. I have consistently been able to gain new knowledge and develop myself by applying new knowledge to drive results and grow as a leader.  

Strategic Learning and Development are Key

This transformative process supports individuals and organizations, which was a key factor in my decision to join the team at the Arthur Dean Family Foundation (ADFF).   Serving as the Director of Learning and Impact at ADFF allows me to swiftly de-center traditional evaluation and make room for evaluative thinking to be part of a real-time emergent learning process. A process that allows for an intersection of solutions and lived experiences that informs the development and growth within ADFF and our grantee partners. Instead of focusing on “proving” if an initiative “worked” based on a power-filled lens, I can intentionally explore how we can think more expansively about evaluation so that it genuinely helps the foundation and our partners learn, grow, and make a difference.  

More than Numbers

I believe that learning is about more than counting the numbers served or an event that I can schedule on my calendar. Instead, it is a continuous process that allows us to examine, wonder, and re-examine what matters most to us.  I am excited to be a part of strategically creating a culture of learning within this Foundation while supporting and honoring our grantee partners’ efforts to craft cultures and practices of learning that serve the highest good of their organizations and the individuals they serve.  

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