Marion County

Starfish Initiative

Mission: To encourage, inspire, and prepare motivated high school students from the most vulnerable populations for college, career, and life success through one-on-one mentoring. Overview: Starfish Initiative was established in 2003 with a vision to make a difference in the lives of marginalized youth – one student at a time. Today, Starfish Initiative continues to […]

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Girl Talk Incorporated

Mission: To arm young girls with life skills that will help them to be successful in school, have positive social interactions with their peers, and boost their self-esteem to create a positive self-image. Overview: Girl Talk Inc. is a newer non-profit that serves primarily Black girls, with comprehensive mentorship programming that provides young girls with

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Indiana Youth Group

Mission: To create safer spaces to foster community and provide programming that empowers LGBTQ+ youth and magnifies their voices. Overview: IYG programming revolves around building community, developing leadership qualities, and increasing self-esteem and self-efficacy. Programs include: basic needs services, educational support, case management, and more! Arthur Dean Family Foundation Funding:

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Mission: To help build relationships between incarcerated fathers and their children. Overview: With a primary focus on fostering healthy relationships between children and their incarcerated fathers, YouYesYou! Project also provides re-entry services, father/child events, and serves as an ongoing resource and referral for families. Arthur Dean Family Foundation Funding:

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Community Assets

Mission: To provide a safe space for youth & young adults to examine their lives, their choices, and their future by creating a center for innovation and enterprise in the heart of the city of Indianapolis. Overview: Community Assets is a grassroots organization that provides children and youth with high quality, hands-on STEM education experiences.

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Communities in Schools

Mission: To surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Overview: Communities in Schools is a local . CIS works with school districts on equipping their high-needs schools with Site Coordinators who work with students to secure the resources necessary to keep them engaged, participating, and

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Aspire Higher Foundation

Mission: To provide youth with opportunities that bend the arc of social justice in their direction. Overview: Aspire Higher Foundation works with Indianapolis based youth by providing educational, technical, economic, social and sports programming to enhance their experiences and successes in life – all while developing a sense of community. Arthur Dean Family Foundation Funding:

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Fathers & Families Center

Mission: To build a noble legacy of fatherhood – assisting fathers in achieving self-sufficiency and in strengthening families to improve the life chances of children. Overview: To fulfill their mission, FFC seeks to improve outcomes for fathers in four key domains: Person, Parent, Partner, and Provider. FFC’s three-week Strong Fathers/Strong Families class provides the foundational

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Latinas Welding Guild

Mission: To support all adults, youth, and marginalized communities, transcending language barriers to transform lives and bring about lasting change. Overview: Founded by Guatemalan-born artist and welder, Consuelo Lockhart, the Guild provides equal access and education to support low to moderate-income adults and youth in skilled trades and industry certifications. Arthur Dean Family Foundation Funding:

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