Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program

Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program (YAP)


YAP takes a holistic approach to supporting youth 3-17 by coordinating Hamilton County’s vast array of talents, services and resources to help youth and empower parents and caregivers.


YAP was formed in 2009 to help strengthen youth and families through educational, mental health, community involvement, and basic needs services that are focused on providing prevention-based programs within Hamilton County. Through YAP, staff and local volunteers develop and provide access to resources and services that promote positive-growth experiences and enhance home and community relationships for youth and their families. Across present-day services, YAP works in collaboration with the six school systems (Carmel, Fishers, Hamilton Heights, Noblesville, Sheridan, Westfield) as well as private, charter and home-school programs within Hamilton County to serve students and their families with professional, family-centered casework, advocacy and referral services.

Previous Arthur Dean Family Foundation Funding
  • 2022: Program support across Hamilton County YAP’s six service providers to bolster academic tutoring and mental health services for youth