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Eclectic Soul Voices Corporation (VOICES)


Through the power of community involvement and self-expression, VOICES empowers youth to change their lives.


Through culturally sustaining education, healing-centered engagement, and workforce development, VOICES provides the relationships, resources, and opportunities for youth to heal, grow, and further their path towards economic self-sufficiency and civically engaged lives. VOICES programs and services are grounded by our Four Pillars of Wellness:

  • Healed- Systemic oppression forces us to acknowledge that healing must be core for communities to transform and thrive
  • Educated- Equitable educational opportunities are essential for economically stable and thriving communities
  • Creative- A collective and neutral platform for trauma and social justice issues to be explored without judgement is essential
  • Disciplined- Communities need tools to create new personal habits and pathways for self-sufficiency

VOICES programming includes community-based services, DCS contracted services, and the Arts as Healing & Activism program.

Arthur Dean Family Foundation Funding

  • 2023: Program Support for Healing Center Engagement
  • 2022: Core Operating/Unrestricted Funding
  • 2021: Program support for the Family Liberation program which works with youth and their families on establishing economic self-sufficiency