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Center for Whitley County Youth Inc.


‘The Center’ conducts its own youth programs, and catalyzes partnerships with other youth-serving organizations and ministries to give young people opportunities to thrive regardless of background, personal struggles, obstacles, and support.


The Center for Whitley County Youth’s mission is to provide developmentally intentional connection and supports that help young people thrive. Connection happens in family-like environments with peers and adults where young people feel a sense of belonging, care, challenge, and support in times of struggle. Supports fill gaps where young people lack basic and developmental needs, as well as opportunities for them grow in skills, character, knowledge and experiences that help shape their ability to contribute to their own future and their community.

Arthur Dean Family Foundation Funding
  • 2020: Core Operating/Unrestricted Funding, transportation support
  • 2021: Core Operating/Unrestricted Funding, matching funds
  • 2022: Core Operating/Unrestricted Funding
  • 2023: Core Operating/Unrestricted Funding