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Project Azul (PA)


PA provides individuals with the flexible training and financial assistance needed to transition from unemployment or underemployment into full-time positions offering higher wages, access to benefits, and a pathway to career advancement.


PA’s major focus is its Workforce Development Training Program which prepares individuals for high-demand jobs in the logistics/warehousing industry in Central Indiana. Through this effort, participants receive coaching, training, and placement support. Individuals who are unemployed or underemployed are referred to PA through previous participants, community-based organizations, or employer referrals. Once an individual connects, the Workforce Success Coach or Workforce Success Manager conducts a comprehensive intake to understand barriers, provide referrals, and identify program fit. The Coach or Manager enrolls participants in one of the training programs, offered in partnership through the Vincennes University Logistics Training Education Center. Once training is complete, participants are placed in a position through PA’s employer partners.

Arthur Dean Family Foundation Funding
  • 2021: Program support for PA’s workforce development training program
  • 2020: Program support for PA’s workforce development training program